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Attack of Pan AM Flight #103

Welcome, this web site contains information for loved ones of persons who were killed in the Pam Am Flight # 103 attack on December 21, 1988. The following information is available by clicking on an item:

Complaint Face Sheet

Affidavit In Support of the Complaint

DOJ Press Conference Video 

DOJ Press Conference transcript

Press Release December 21, 2020

​ August 12, 2021 Update on the Prosecution of United States v. Abouagela Mas'ud​

If you are a victim of this case, please contact us to receive information in connection with the case. You may email us at USADC.PANAM103@USDOJ.GOV or call 202.252.7045   If you are the loved one of a person that was a victim of the attack,  please use this opportunity to register for the victims' mailing list.

Updated August 12, 2021

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