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Violent Crime And Narcotics Trafficking

Gilberto Guerrero, Acting Chief

The Violent Crime and Narcotics Trafficking Section handles long-term investigations, initiatives, and prosecutions of gang-related violence and complex narcotics conspiracies, working with both our federal and local law enforcement partners. The Federal Major Crimes Section handles non-national security federal crimes such as civil rights violations, bank robberies, immigration fraud, human trafficking, child pornography, environmental crimes, counterfeiting, short-term federal criminal cases, including routine gun prosecutions, stand-alone drug cases, and short-term bank and credit card fraud. The Fraud and Public Corruption Section handles white collar crime and public corruption offenses, major consumer fraud and identity theft, health care fraud, tax violations, corporate and securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, computer hacking, and intellectual property crimes.

Updated February 24, 2015