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Violent Crime And Narcotics Trafficking

Dineen Baker, Chief
Laura Crane, Deputy Chief
Gregory Rosen, Deputy Chief

Assistants assigned to this section are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of complex federal cases using conspiracy, continuing criminal enterprise and RICO statutes in order to target and disable the most significant violent gangs and major narcotics traffickers in the District of Columbia. The mission of this section is to stem the flow of narcotics and other dangerous drugs into the District of Columbia by eliminating the drug distribution networks at their sources and to prosecute violent crime cases under federal law. Junior assistants in rotational assignments in the section prosecute arrest-generated narcotics and firearms offenses that give rise to mandatory penalties under the provisions of the United States Code. These cases generally arise from undercover operations, the execution of search warrants, or the interdiction of drug couriers at public transportation terminals.

Updated January 23, 2020

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