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General Crimes Section

Lauren Bates, Chief
Charles Willoughby Jr., Deputy Chief,  Case Initiation Unit
Christian Natiello, Deputy Chief, Felony Trial Unit
Andrew Floyd, Deputy Chief, Felony Trial Unit

Katherine Earnest, Deputy Chief, Misdemeanor Unit
Gauri Gopal, Deputy Chief, Misdemeanor Unit

Cynthia Walicki-Chan, Deputy Chief, Grand Jury Unit

The General Crimes Section includes four units: the Case Initiation Unit, the Grand Jury Unit, the Felony Trial Unit, and the Misdemeanor Trial Unit. The General Crimes Section handles most of the cases prosecuted in D.C. Superior Court.

Case Initiation Unit AUSAs handle intake of new cases, arraignments, preliminary hearings, and other preliminary matters. Each Case Initiation Unit AUSA also has an active caseload, including burglaries, unarmed robberies, felony assaults, and more complex narcotics distribution and weapons cases.

AUSAs in the Grand Jury Unit manage issues relating to the operation of several Superior Court grand juries and handle the grand jury presentation of Felony Trial Unit cases.

The Felony Trial Unit is responsible for the post-indictment prosecution of many felony cases brought in the Superior Court. The Section's attorneys handle a variety of cases involving narcotics distribution, weapons offenses and stolen vehicles. Felony Trial Unit AUSAs typically operate in teams of three AUSAs in order to cover all FTU cases calendared in two Superior Court felony calendars.

The Misdemeanor Trial Section prosecutes most Misdemeanor crimes in the District of Columbia, including offenses involving narcotics and weapons possession, theft, prostitution, animal cruelty, illegal dumping, destruction of property, threats and simple assault. The Section is divided into teams that typically include three to four attorneys and a paralegal. Each team is assigned to one judge sitting on the Superior Court misdemeanor calendar. Members of the Section are in the court every day trying cases. The Section also administers various diversion programs.

Updated May 4, 2021

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