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Violence Reduction and Trafficking Offenses Section

Candice Wong, Chief
Davied Henek, Deputy Chief

The Violence Reduction and Trafficking Offenses Section's (“VRTO") mission is to disrupt and dismantle our district's most serious drivers of violence and large-scale firearms and drug trafficking.  VRTO places an emphasis on proactive, intelligence-driven, long- and medium-term criminal investigations, and our prosecutions focus on violent and armed crews and conspiracies, collective conduct, and repeat offenders.  VRTO's prosecutions target everything from criminal street gangs to international syndicates and span a broad range of subjects and statutes, from firearms and narcotics conspiracies, interstate robbery conspiracies, and RICO and VICAR prosecutions, to darknet drug trafficking and money laundering, Continuing Criminal Enterprises, and Title III wiretap investigations.  VRTO AUSAs regularly advise, strategize, and coordinate with law enforcement agencies on investigative steps and sequencing; draft search warrants and other legal process; present cases to the federal grand jury; brief and handle detention hearings and other hearings in court; and take cases to trial.  

Updated October 11, 2023