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School Programs

Road Rules and Rights

This is an interactive learning experience designed to encourage good decision-making during routine traffic stops for high school sophomores.  The program emphasizes both the rights and obligations of the new drivers in any encounter with law enforcement including free speech, freedom from unreasonable searches and the legal requirements for providing identification on demand. 

Through classroom participation, students interact with local law enforcement officers in a variety of traffic stop simulations and roles.  The presentation identifies and clarifies common misunderstandings of law enforcement practices and provides a unique opportunity for students to understand common police interactions with motorists.  

Opioid Prevention

Facing the growing opioid epidemic, this DEA-developed program provides real life stories demonstrating the effects of opioids on health and social well-being.  It highlights the struggle with opioid misuse while providing the science behind its addiction.  Describing strategies and resources for students, this program helps equip them to handle these situations more effectively. 

Internet Safety

This presentation is designed to challenge the middle schooler’s understanding of and assumptions about the online community.  Utilizing the missteps of famous athletes and actors on social media, the presentation serves as a reminder that any communication “posted” now on social media is their responsibility forever.  Further exploring the dangers of online interaction, the program highlights cyberbullying, sexting and other sexually inappropriate behavior with the goal of empowering students to act responsibly online.

Choice Road - Anti-Violence Presentation

The Choice Road program features an anti-gang message and emphasizes the effect of violence within the community.  The presentation includes a 15 minute film, which casts local students, police officers and doctors as actors.  The program emphasizes the importance of making the right choice, and the devastating consequences of gang violence for the wrong one.

Law Enforcement Field Days

Engaging elementary school students in field day activities, officers and prosecutors reinforce the importance of teamwork and trust.  Students work with police officers in fun, challenging events including three-legged races, basketball drills, and tug of war.  Through physical events designed to teach valuable social lessons, students are reminded of good sportsmanship, the effects of drug use on the body and mind, and safe interactions on the internet.  Most importantly, students interact with officers as teammates and friends, providing insight into the mind of, and empathy for, the police officer.


Updated October 14, 2021