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Administrative Division


The Administrative Division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services that support office operations. These services include overseeing the office’s budget allocation, providing comprehensive personnel services to employees, maintaining information technology systems, coordinating automated litigation support, procuring supplies and equipment, and managing property and facilities at three separate staffed office locations (Detroit, Flint and Bay City).


Human Resources Unit

The Human Resources Unit provides a myriad of personnel services to support a staff of approximately 200 employees. The scope of the office HR program includes the following: staffing and placement; classification and position management; employee benefits and services; performance management; pay administration; personnel action processing, records maintenance and associated legal reporting requirements; pre-appointment security clearances; overall monitoring of employee orientation, training and development; development and implementation of AA/EEO programs; advisory services for supervisors and managers.


Records & Information Management Unit

The Records & Information Management Unit (RIM) oversees the District’s case management systems and intranet resources; ensuring accurate data is recorded to aid decision-makers, monitor performance, share knowledge, and improve efficiency. The RIM Unit also manages thousands of case file records in accordance with Federal Records policies and procedures.


Litigation Support

The Litigation Support Unit partners with the district’s litigative teams across all phases of criminal and civil cases, implementing technology-based solutions for electronically stored information (ESI) processing, review, production and presentation.  Its integrated approach to the litigation lifecycle encompasses employee skills and training, recommended practices, and specialized software support for managing electronic files.


Facilities, Acquisitions and Budget Unit

The Facilities, Acquisitions and Budget Unit (FAB) manages the office’s operating budget, procures mission related expenses and assists in the maintenance of our office space and access to it. In the area of budget FAB executes, monitors and reports all budget activity and ensures that expenditures are funded using the appropriate allocation. The Unit manages the office’s credit card programs for both travel and small purchases. FAB is responsible for managing the payroll budget to ensure that hiring decisions are within allocated funding levels. On an ongoing basis, the budget is closely monitored to ensure that payments are made in a timely manner and that funds are allocated to meet the office’s operational needs.

Staff assigned to FAB are responsible for the procurement of all office needs which includes, all operating expenses, office supplies and equipment, expert and litigative consultant contracts and litigation goods and services. FAB maintains supply and equipment inventory and helps to provide the office with various supply, equipment, and furniture needs.

FAB works with building management and with GSA to ensure that a quality work environment is provided to the office. Staff assists with access control to ensure that only accepted individuals are allowed entry into our space and assists with property management control to ensure that all accountable items within our space are maintained as required by EOUSA. FAB also manages mail and reception services which includes visitor access, government vehicle and room reservation, the entering of calls into the help desk and the submission of various services requests to the building. Service requests include HVAC, janitorial services, elevator, electrical, plumbing, lighting and more.

Updated October 3, 2023