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Administrative Division

Keri MillerAdministrative Officer - Keri Miller

The Administrative Division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services that support office operations. These services include overseeing the office’s budget allocation, providing comprehensive personnel services to employees, maintaining information technology systems, coordinating automated litigation support, procuring supplies and equipment, and managing property and facilities at three separate staffed office locations (Detroit, Flint and Bay City).

The Fiscal Resources Unit manages the office’s operating budget. This entails executing, monitoring and reporting quarterly on budget activity and ensuring that any unexpected expenditures are funded through special one-time funding requests. The Unit manages the office’s credit card programs for both travel and small purchases. The Unit also is responsible for managing the payroll budget to ensure that hiring decisions are within allocated funding levels. On an ongoing basis, the budget is closely monitored to ensure that payments are made in a timely manner and that funds are allocated in the best way to meet the office’s operational needs, especially in the area of litigation.

The Human Resources Unit provides a myriad of personnel services to support a staff of approximately 200 employees. The scope of the office HR program includes the following: staffing and placement; classification and position management; employee benefits and services; performance management; pay administration; personnel action processing, records maintenance and associated legal reporting requirements; pre-appointment security clearances; overall monitoring of employee orientation, training and development; development and implementation of AA/EEO programs; advisory services for supervisors and managers.

The Information Technology Unit oversees operation of the District’s computer systems. A large local area network that connects more than 200 PCs in the office is maintained by the Unit. A help desk is staffed to assist users with hardware, software and telecommunications difficulties. The IT Unit’s webmaster maintains an internal intranet to provide on-line resources to the entire staff, as well as the District’s Internet site. The Information Technology Unit provides technical oversight of the office’s case management system. This information database (also known as the “LIONS” system) tracks defendants coming into the Federal legal system.

The Litigation Support Special Services Unit is responsible for several important office functions, including overseeing operation of the law library, providing records management expertise, and recommending, supporting, and educating employees on the use of Automated Litigation Support (ALS) technology.  This component manages reference materials required for legal research, ensures agency compliance with record keeping requirements, and facilitates user-friendly data management and courtroom presentation supporting litigative efforts.

The Office Services Unit is constantly involved in redesign of existing space and is responsible for ensuring that every square foot of space in the office is used with maximum efficiency. Staff assigned to Office Services assist in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of all non-computer equipment, supplies and services, control an extensive property inventory, and coordinate records management functions. The Unit also manages the receipt/delivery of mail and reception services. Finally, the Unit provides direct support to the District’s Security Manager and ensures that all physical security systems are maintained and all personal and records security requirements are met.


Updated September 8, 2016