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Branch Offices

Chief Anthony Vance

The Branch Offices are responsible for the prosecution of the full spectrum of federal crimes committed in the 25 northernmost counties of the Eastern District of Michigan, which spans the entire Northern Division (Bay City Office) and the northernmost portion of the Southern Division (Flint Office).  This territory includes vast rural areas, a national forest, the Isabella Indian Reservation, and several urban centers including Flint and Saginaw.  The Bay City office has a staff of nine employees, which includes four AUSAs.  The Flint office has a staff of ten employees, which includes five AUSAs.  The Branch Chief, a supervisory legal assistant, and a legal administrative specialist travel between the two offices.  With no specialized units like the main office in Detroit, AUSAs in the Branch Offices handle a wide array of case including violent crime, drug trafficking, child exploitation, fraud and financial crimes, and immigration offenses.  Further, the Bay City Office has one AUSA whose practice is devoted entirely to prosecuting crimes that occur on the Reservation.  These offenses include homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, kidnapping, home invasion, and aggravated assault, among others. 

Branch counties


Updated March 7, 2022