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Criminal Division

Daniel Hurley, Criminal Chief






Chief Dan Hurley

General Crimes Unit - Chief Sara Woodward

The General Crimes Unit is responsible for prosecuting a wide variety of offenses, including firearms trafficking and unlawful possession, bank robbery, counterfeiting, postal violations, federal crimes against children, some types of fraud, and lower level drug trafficking crimes. GCU also runs two important programs: Project Safe Neighborhood (“PSN”) and Project Safe Childhood (“PSC”). PSN focuses on firearms reduction through enforcement and prevention, while PSC addresses the sexual exploitation of children by prosecuting child predators and educating parents, teachers, and children about internet safety.


Drug Task Force - Chief Ben Coats

The Drug Task Force prosecutes cases involving large-scale distribution of illegal narcotics and related violent criminal activity. The Drug Task Force is focused on investigating and prosecuting kingpins and distributors of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and ecstasy, among other dangerous drugs.


National Security Unit - Chief Michael Martin

The National Security Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving international and domestic terrorism, threats involving weapons of mass destruction, terrorism financing, espionage, immigration violations, alien smuggling, violation of export and technology controls, and other offenses that impact national and border security.


Public Corruption and Civil Rights Unit- Chief John Neal

The Public Corruption Unit investigates and prosecutes corruption by public officials and law enforcement officers. The Public Corruption Unit also handles criminal civil rights matters, such as hate crimes, police brutality and human trafficking.


Violent and Organized Crime Unit - Chief Craig Wininger

VOCU was created to address the high rate of violent crime in the Eastern District of Michigan. Given the nature of the violent crime problem in the EDMI, VOCU uses all the tools of federal law enforcement to disrupt cycles of violence and dismantle violent organizations in our community. Practically, this means that VOCU uses a wide spectrum of federal statutes, ranging from felon in possession of a firearm to identity theft to RICO, to prosecute those who are driving violence.


White Collar Crime and Health Care Fraud Unit - Chief Mark Chasteen

The White Collar Crime Unit directs federal investigations of financial crimes that arise in the private sector, especially fraud schemes executed through use of mail or wire communications. Crimes prosecuted by the WCCU include bank fraud, mortgage fraud, Ponzi schemes, corporate fraud, arson for profit, credit fraud, intellectual property violations (theft of trade secrets and copyright, trademark, and patent infringements) cybercrimes, environmental crimes, federal procurement fraud, tax violations, bankruptcy fraud and identity theft, as well as fraud schemes perpetrated by criminal organizations. In addition, the unit investigates and prosecutes health care fraud cases involving fraudulent billing in the Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance programs, the diversion of prescription drugs to individuals without prescriptions, and other forms of fraud in the health care system.


Money Laundering and Asset Recovery - Chief Adriana Dydell

The Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Unit (MLAR) seeks forfeiture of assets in both criminal and civil cases, collects debts owed to the government, enforces judgments and recovers restitution on behalf of crime victims. The MLAR also assists with money laundering prosecutions and provides litigation assistance in other significant cases being prosecuted within the office.

Updated March 4, 2024