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Project Sentry

Project Sentry is an initiative of Project Safe Neighborhoods (“PSN”) that is dedicated to the protection of our youth from gun violence. Its enforcement component focuses on the prosecution of gun crimes committed at our nation’s schools; the prosecution of adults who illegally provide guns to juveniles; and the prosecution and supervision of juveniles who violate firearms laws. Project Sentry also focuses on protecting our youth from gun crime through strategies aimed at prevention and deterrence.

Like all PSN initiatives, Project Sentry relies on partnerships between federal, state, and local law enforcement, partnerships within the community, and partnerships between the community and law enforcement.

One of Project Sentry’s primary objectives is the coordination of efforts through the US Attorney’s Office and the district’s Weed & Seed sites to educate school students about the medical, legal, emotional, and societal consequences of gun violence. Medical doctors, nurses, and technicians; federal, state and local law enforcement officers; federal and local prosecutors; probation and parole officers; corrections officers; judges; social service personnel; as well as the students’ peers, are uniting together with school officials and administrators to instruct students about the dangers and consequences of gun violence.

In our district, Project Sentry combines some of the best practices used throughout the country to reach and teach the youth on the problems of gun violence. Such efforts include:

  • Fellow peers reaching out to students in classrooms with skits and role playing;
  • Medical professionals instructing students on the immediate and long-term effects of gun violence – physically and emotionally – as well as dispelling common myths about gunshot injuries;
  • Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, corrections officers, as well as probation and parole officers, informing students on the harsh reality that they may confront as a result being involved in gun violence;
  • Social service personnel reaching out to students with real life examples and testimonies of victims of gun violence, as well as insights of those previously involved in gun violence;
  • Community groups and organizations teaching students how to diffuse conflicts by improving their conflict resolution skills.
Robert Poikey Mitchell Kittle
Law Enforcement Manager Outreach Coordinator
U.S. Attorney's Office U.S. Attorney's Office
Eastern District of Michigan Eastern District of Michigan
211 West Fort Street 211 West Fort Street
Detroit, Mi 48226 Detroit, Mi 48226
Phone: 313-226-9100 Phone: 313-226-9100
Updated May 28, 2021