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We sincerely wish our office to be as accessible and responsive as possible to all citizens within the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

Since our office does not actively conduct investigations, we will refer most complaints and cases to the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the area in which the crime is occurring or has taken place.

This office only has jurisdiction over federal crimes, not violations of state or local law. Federal crimes are commonly those that:
  • directly violate federal statutes
  • involve more than one state
  • occur in Indian country, on Native American tribal lands, or on land reserved for the exclusive use of the United States (such as military bases or national parks)
  • are selected for federal prosecution due to the severe nature of the crime

We will often contact the appropriate law enforcement agency in your area in order to facilitate faster and more accurate responses than may be otherwise obtained, unless there are compelling reasons not to contact the local agency or officers.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding the presence or prosecution of criminal activities within the Eastern District of Oklahoma, please contact our office at (918) 684-5100 (within Muskogee) or toll-free at (800) 659-7913.

Contact Information



Main Office Line: (918) 684-5100
Toll-Free Office Line: (800) 659-7913
Administrative Division: ext 5132
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC): ext 5154
Civil Division: ext 5116
Criminal Division: ext 5159
Executive Division: ext 5154
Law Enforcement / LECC: ext 5145
Project Safe Childhood: ext 5157
Project Safe Neighborhood: ext 5164
Victim & Witness Assistance: ext 5126



Administrative / Civil Division Fax: (918) 684-5130
ATAC / Criminal / Executive / Law Enforcement / Victim & Witness Fax: (918) 684-5150



United States Attorney's Office
520 Denison Ave
Muskogee OK  74401
 {Division - Admin / ATAC / Civil / Criminal / Executive / LECC / Victim & Witness}



When sending an e-mail to our office, please help us to ensure that your message is promptly forwarded and your concerns are appropriately addressed by including as much of the following as possible in your message:

  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail Address
  • Other Contact Information (Phone # / Cell Phone # / Address)
  • Names of Other Individuals Involved
  • Date(s), Time(s), and Place(s) Events Occurred
  • Your Specific Concerns
  • Other Law Enforcement Agencies Contacted and Results
  • What Actions You Have Already Taken
  • Your Expectations From Our Office
  • Any Other Pertinent Information

Once your message is as complete as possible, please send it to the correct division below:

Administrative Division:
Civil Division:
Criminal Division (also ATAC, LECC, PSC, PSN and Victim/Witness):
Executive Division (also Press Releases):
District Webmaster:
Updated August 10, 2023