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The Law and Your Community - Tampa

NOBLE FlyerOn June 23, 2016, the U.S. Attorney's SMART on Crime Team, in partnership with NOBLE, the Tampa Police Department, and Middleton High School presented "The Law and Your Community," an interactive training program in Tampa. More than 30 attendees partcipated in this program that has been designed to improve the communication and understanding of federal, state, and local laws among law enforcement officers and citizens.

Components of the program include:

Citizenship: What does it mean to be a citizen? What are some laws governing everyday life, including traffic laws? What are your rights as a citizen?

Basic Laws: Understanding the basic laws governing issues such as gun ownership, staying safe within your community, maintaining positive affiliations, including peer and adult relationships and the benefits of mentors.

Law Enforcement Engagement: Educating individuals on how to engage and navigate communication with law enforcement officers, community policing, and understanding the realities of working in law enforcement.

This is the first of three presentations in the Middle District of Florida.  Future presentations are planned for Orlando and Jackonville.

Training Team

Updated August 30, 2016