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Outreach Programs

The USAO/MDFL takes every available opportunity to communicate with its citizens. Frequently we partner with client agencies, educational institutions, and civic organizations to promote the mission of the Department of Justice/USAO and its special initiatives. Our outreach efforts include participation in a variety of events to promote DOJ mission specific topics. To engage the community, our agency regularly participates in community-leadership roundtables, public policy forums, volunteer projects, and special appearances.

Visit our Community Outreach page to see our recent projects.


Providing Information To Residents

USAO/MDFL staff members are often requested to present on matters of public interest, agency objectives, leadership, and special initiatives. Speakers participate in panel discussions, public presentations, and special appearances.

Presenting Opportunities and Encouragement to Young LeadersUSAO LECC specialist speaks to Tampa Prep students

USAO Public Affairs Officer speaks to FBI Special Junior Agent Program graduates of Academy Prep Center for Education.




Providing Leadership Thru Discussions

The U.S. Attorney frequently hosts and facilitates meetings and discussions among federal, state, and local law enforcement partners and members of the community. These discussions are responsive to the specific community needs, concerns, or policy interests.


Engaging the Community

Student leaders participate in the roundtableYoung student leaders participate in roundtable discussions with federal and local participants.





Consistent with the Department's commitment to the National Day of Service, the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (2009), and President Obama's overall call to service, the USAO/MDFL leadership encourages its employees to contribute to their local community. Office personnel frequently participate in various community assistance projects, natural disaster assistance relief efforts, and volunteer projects.
Volunteer opportunities can be found for organizations or individuals at





Updated August 3, 2017

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