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Press Release

California Man Sentenced To 5 Years In Federal Prison For Stalking Multiple Black Victims

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Middle District of Florida

Tampa, Florida – U.S. District Judge Charlene Honeywell has sentenced Christopher Au-Young (36, California) to five years in federal prison for interstate stalking and cyberstalking. Au-Young pleaded guilty to six counts of stalking five different victims on July 28, 2023.

According to court documents, since August 2022, Au-Young engaged in a campaign of online and telephonic harassment and threats against multiple victims living in the Middle District of Florida and elsewhere. Au-Young engaged in a course of conduct with the intent to harass or intimidate the victims, all of whom were black. Specifically, Au-Young cyberstalked, harassed, and threatened the victims by posting threatening and harassing videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Reddit, and often used racial slurs or other racially offensive language in doing so.

Between October 2022 and his arrest in January 2023, Au-Young stalked Victim 1. Victim 1 met Au-Young on his podcast dedicated to interracial dating. After Victim 1 expressed disinterest in seeing Au-Young, he began a campaign of terrorizing her through racist threats. Au-Young made his intent clear, telling her, “I hope I ruin your life.” Au-Young posted multiple videos on YouTube in which he published Victim 1’s personal information, to include her home address and real name, which Victim 1 had never provided to Au-Young. He also drove three hours to her residence, in the middle of the night, and parked outside of her home. Victim 1 felt so unsafe because of Au-Young’s conduct that she had to move. Victim 1 also correctly believed that Au-Young nefariously targeted black women through his actions, podcast, and racist statements made online regarding Dylan Roof and mass shootings.

Victim 2 met Au-Young online in a Facebook group about veterans. They began a consensual dating relationship. Victim 2 subsequently decided to end the relationship. In response, Au-Young began stalking, threatening, and harassing Victim 2 and her family members: her daughter (Victim 3), her son (Victim 4), and her brother (Victim 5). Au-Young published several videos on the internet that contained racist and defamatory remarks warning the community to stay away from Victim 2 and several of Victim 2’s family members. According to Victim 2, Au-Young warned her that he would never stop coming for her and told Victim 2 to lock her doors at night and sleep with one-eye open. Au-Young posted a bounty video offering a $4,000 reward for information on Victim 2’s whereabouts. 

Victim 3 is the adult daughter of Victim 2. Au-Young posted dozens of videos online threatening to come after Victim 3. One video Au-Young posted online is entitled, “[VICTIM 3]” with a photo of Victim 3 and a text layover that reads: “[Victim 3] PED-O-FILE”. In a second video, Au-Young accused Victim 3 of being homophobic and calling for her place of employment to fire her. On December 11, 2022, Au-Young drove from California to Illinois to stalk Victim 3, in person. He posted videos online during his cross-country trip announcing that he was going to vandalize Victim 3’s vehicle in retaliation for Victim 2’s decision to break up with him. Au-Young arrived in Illinois on December 12, 2022, and stalked Victim 3 for three days at Victim 3’s place of employment. A concerned YouTube watcher alerted law enforcement officers who located Au-Young in the backseat of his vehicle parked near the entrance of Victim 3’s place of employment.

Victim 4 is the son of Victim 2. Like Victims 2 and 3, Au-Young posted racist, threatening, and defaming videos to the internet threatening to come after Victim 4. In addition to the videos, Au-Young mailed approximately four letters to Victim 4. Au-Young’s typed letters called Victim 4 and his family racial epithets [n-word] and contained threats to come after them.

Victim 5 is the brother of Victim 2. Au-Young published videos on the internet making false allegations that Victim 5 was a pedophile. The videos show photos of Victim 5 and make specific allegations against Victim 5, claiming he is a dangerous person who has molested several children. The videos also implicated Victim 5’s wife. Au-Young also sent letters to Victim 5’s residence and the church where Victim 5 worked as a minister. Although all of the allegations were false, Au-Young told the community that Victim 5 was a pedophile who was aided by his wife.

This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with assistance from the Tampa Police Department, the Anaheim Police Department (California), and the Carbondale Police Department (Illinois). It was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Ilyssa M. Spergel and former Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Thelwell.

Updated November 6, 2023