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The Civil Division prosecutes violations of civil statutes, and defends the United States, its
agencies, and employees from suit in both federal and state court. The Civil Division’s
affirmative litigation includes enforcing environmental, civil rights, and other safety and
regulatory statutes, as well as prosecuting corporations and individuals for civil fraud involving
health care, procurement, mortgage, and government program fraud.

The Civil Division defends the federal government and its officials from constitutional and
procedural challenges of agency actions, and from civil actions alleging claims for employment
discrimination, torts (including personal injuries and medical malpractice), immigration, federal
programs, and federal benefits.

The Civil Division also represents the interests of the United States in bankruptcy proceedings,
mortgage foreclosures, and land condemnations. The Financial Litigation Unit, a part of the Civil
Division, seeks collection of criminal fines and restitution on behalf of crime victims, and files suit to
recover civil penalties and defaulted government loans, including agricultural and federally insured
student loans.

Updated January 29, 2015