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U.S. v. Jagmeet Singh Virk

Jagmeet Singh Virk was charged by a criminal information filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on July 22, 2020. The information alleges that Jagmeet Singh Virk, along with others, did knowingly and intentionally conspire to commit wire fraud through methods of a “pop-up warning.”

Between on or about March 2014 through the present, in Santa Clara County, in the Northern District of California, and elsewhere, the defendant, Jagmeet Singh Virk and others devised a scheme to obtain money by means of materially false and fraudulent representation through the NTS IT Care Inc., and NTS Global Services, Pvt. Ltd. A “pop up warning” was used as way to obtain wire communications in interstate and foreign commerce as part of the scheme.

Consumers in the United States received fraudulent pop-up warnings disguised as urgent security alerts from a computer’s operating system. The pop-up warnings were designed to mislead consumers into believing that the warning was from Microsoft, Apple, or another legitimate technology company. The warnings falsely claimed to detect computer viruses or other intrusions, falsely warned of a complete disabling of the computer, and deceptively instructed consumers to call a telephone number to fix the purported computer problem. In addition, the warnings threatened that personal and private information such as Facebook logins, credit card details, email account logins, and photos stored on the computer, were being stolen. Consumers were then urged to immediately call a toll-free number to resolve the problem and prevent the computer from becoming disabled or experiencing further damage. The warnings sometimes displayed the Microsoft or Microsoft Windows logo, claimed to be a “Windows Support Alert,” or claimed that “Windows” has detected a security vulnerability. The warnings purported to provide a “Microsoft Security Tollfree” number, the “Microsoft Helpline,” or a “Certified Windows Technician.”

When consumers called the telephone number on the pop-up warning, they were routed to the NTS Global Services, Pvt. Ltd. (“NTS Global Services”) call center in the Republic of India, operated and managed by Kapoor. NTS Global Services representatives used false, misleading, and high-pressure sales tactics to defraud consumers. The NTS Global Services representatives remotely accessed a consumer’s computer, conducted fake security diagnostics, and misled consumers by falsely claiming to detect malicious software (including viruses, spyware, malware, and other malicious files), system compromises (such as infections and breaches), and other security vulnerabilities (such as claiming that the system had no security or was NTS Global Services representatives falsely claimed that a consumer’s computer was unprotected by antivirus and security software. NTS Global Services representatives falsely claimed to be affiliated with well-known technology companies, such as Microsoft and Apple, and falsely claimed to be authorized by those companies to service computers. NTS Global Services representatives pressured consumers into purchasing “services” that were expensive and unnecessary. NTS Global Services also deceived consumers into purchasing expensive, multi-year “technical support” packages.

On May 14, 2020, the defendant plead guilty to Count One of the captioned Information charging me with Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1349.

Next Court Dates

  • Sentencing - 05/11/2023 at 11:00 AM in Oakland, Courtroom 3, before Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton.


Notice for Potential Victims

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California and investigating agencies are seeking information from those who may be victims of the Defendants’ crimes.

If you believe you are a victim, please fill out this questionnaire. Please read and follow the instructions on the form and submit it no later than March 24, 2023. Email your submission to with US v. Virk in the Subject Line. We are unable to accept late submissions.

All responses are voluntary, but complete submissions will be useful in identifying respondents as potential victims and supplying the Court with the information necessary for sentencing. It is requested that respondents submit their statements via email as indicated on those questionnaires. Based on the information submitted, respondents may be contacted by law enforcement agencies and asked to provide additional information.

This Office cannot act as your attorney or provide you with legal advice. However, you may seek the advice of an attorney with respect to this or other related legal matters.

Updated March 15, 2023