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Victim Witness Assistance Program

        The Office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida (NDFL) is committed to insuring that federal crime victims are afforded all rights to which they are entitled by law. In addition, the Office of the United States Attorney for the NDFL will insure that victims and witnesses are treated with compassion, respect, and fairness. Services provided to crime victims and witnesses by the U.S. Attorney’s Office include: notice of case events; information concerning their rights; information about case proceedings and the criminal justice system in general; referrals to medical and/or social service providers; assistance with travel arrangements; and logistical information concerning transportation, parking, child care, etc.

Questions concerning federal crime victims’ and witnesses’ rights or information regarding the U.S. Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Program can be addressed to:

Gretchen Busbee
U.S. Attorney's Office
21 E. Garden Street, Ste. 400
Pensacola, FL 32502-5675
Phone: (850) 444-4000
Fax: (850) 434-9050
Email Address:
Kellianne Dougherty
U.S. Attorney's Office
111 N. Adams St., 4th Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 942-8430
Fax: (850) 942-8424
Email Address:


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Updated April 6, 2015