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Multiple Victim Case Update - United States V. Nicolescu et al.

United States v. Bogdan Nicolescu, Tiberiu Danet and Radu Miclaus
Court Docket No. 1:16CR224

Status updates and notices of scheduled court proceedings will be relayed through this website.  General information for victims of federal crime is also available on this website under the link for the Victim-Witness Assistance Program.

Press Release:

Significant Events:

7/8/16    Indictment returned as to Bogdan Nicolescu, Tiberiu Danet and Radu Miclaus
12/16/16  Indictment unsealed; arraignment of Tiberiu Danet and Radu Miclaus; not guilty pleas entered.  Signed Indictment.pdf
12/16/16 Tiberiu Danet and Radu Miclaus ordered detained
12/19/16   Bogdan Nicolescu ordered detained
9/4/18 Status Hearing
11/6/18 Tiberiu Danet pled guilty to 5 counts of aggravated identity theft; 1 count of wire fraud and conspiracy to engage in wire fraud; 1 count of conspiracy; and, 1 count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.
11/26/18 Status Hearing
3/18/19 Status Hearing
3/25/19 Trial
5/2/19 Sentencing of Tiberiu Danet.


Updated January 16, 2019

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