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Membership Pledge: The Northeast Ohio Business Ethics Coalition


This company or organization believes that honest business is good business.  We also believe that it is important to make an affirmative statement about our commitment to business ethics and to dedicate ourselves to becoming leaders for positive efforts in the business community. As part of that commitment to creating an ethical business environment both in our own organization and in the Greater Cleveland area as a whole, our company hereby pledges:

To maintain a “Tone at the Top” of ethical business conduct, by which ownership and upper management in the company will make ethical business practices a priority.

To establish written standards that inform both our own employees and those with whom we do business of the ethical standards to which we are committed.

To promote and enforce those ethical standards through appropriate positive incentives and disciplinary measures when appropriate.

To provide a clear and easy way to report allegations of unethical conduct in our organization and to follow up on such reports with fair and appropriate action, including investigating the allegations, instituting proper remedial measures, and reporting unlawful acts to authorities in appropriate cases.

To prevent future unethical conduct through training and by establishing, where possible, a compliance program.

This organization rejects corruption and unethical conduct in its business affairs and it urges others to do the same.  We believe that it is important both to speak out against such conduct and to lead by example.  We are committed to doing both on our own and by working with others to lead efforts to foster greater ethical conduct in this community.

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Updated March 16, 2015