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New York Man Sentenced for Dismembering Body in Broken Arrow

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. – Today, U.S. District Judge John D. Russell sentenced Alex Ray Scott, 28, to 540 months imprisonment, followed by five years of supervised release for Second Degree Murder in Indian Country.

“Alex Scott was sentenced for the murder and dismemberment of Robin Skocdopole” said U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson. “This successful prosecution was the result of the exhaustive investigation and outstanding cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement. We will continue to work with law enforcement partners to hold violent offenders accountable.”

According to court documents, in January 2020, Scott walked into a police precinct in New York City and admitted to
killing someone in an unrelated case. Members of the New York Police Department found identification and credit cards belonging to Robin Skocdopole in Scott’s possession. During an interview with law enforcement, Scott provided a prior
residence in Broken Arrow and mentioned living with the victim. Several unsuccessful attempts were made by law enforcement to contact Skocdopole.

In February 2020, the Broken Arrow Police Department searched the residence of Skocdopole and found the house empty of all possessions. Forensic searches and cadaver dogs found multiple locations of blood spatter and a large pool of blood. DNA tests revealed the blood belonged to Skocdopole.

In May 2020, human remains positively identified as belonging to Skocdopole were discovered on the edge of a creek in Broken Arrow. The Medical Examiner’s report indicated two different saws were used during the dismemberment including a saw comparable to a chainsaw.

During the investigation, it was determined Scott was fitted with an ankle monitor in July 2019 awaiting trial on an unrelated case in Tulsa County District Court. The last time Skocdopole was seen alive was in August 2019. During this time, Scott was renting a room from the victim and told associates that Skocdopole abruptly left and moved to Dallas for work. Friends of the victim told law enforcement that when they attempted to reach out to him, they received vague and oddly worded responses. Scott later admitted to sending the email responses. Further analysis of Scott’s ankle monitor data showed where Scott traveled to dispose of the body parts. Scott’s ankle monitor data and bank history confirmed that he purchased and returned a chainsaw from
a local retailer.

In May 2023, Scott agreed to be interviewed by the FBI. He explained the circumstances surrounding the murder of Skocdopole, as well as the dismemberment and disposal of the body afterward. Scott agreed to take the FBI to the last known location of Skocdopole’s head. Unfortunately, when Scott took FBI to the location, no additional remains were found.

Scott has entered a plea of not guilty in the pending case in New York.

Scott is a member of the Cherokee Nation. He will remain in custody while the New York case is pending. After the New York case is completed, Scott will be transferred to a U.S. Bureau of Prison facility.

The FBI and Broken Arrow Police Department investigated the case. Assistant U.S. Attorneys David A. Nasar and Valeria Luster prosecuted the case.


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Updated May 22, 2024

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