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Civil Rights Enforcement

This office welcomes information from the public that brings to our attention possible violations of our nation's civil rights laws.  At the same time, while the scope of our civil rights practice is broad, the authority of the Department of Justice to investigate and seek relief for individual complaining parties for alleged civil rights violations is limited. We may investigate and seek to remedy alleged discriminatory conduct only where and in the manner specifically authorized by law.  This office will review every complaint and, where appropriate, pursue the matter or refer it to another agency or entity.  Please keep in mind that this office cannot represent you in any matter and you may need your own attorney.

If you have information concerning a potential violation of the federal civil rights laws that you wish to bring to our attention, you may complete the Civil Rights Complaint Form (Spanish).

You may believe that your rights were violated, but it does not necessarily follow that your civil rights have been violated.  If so, your complaint may be more directly processed if you contact to the most appropriate agency.  Please visit common inquiries and links to the appropriate agency information.

Updated January 19, 2023