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Press Release

Documents And Resources From The December 8, 2014, OtisMed And Charlie Chi Press Conference

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey

Press Release

OtisMed News Release

Court Documents:


OtisMed Information

OtisMed Plea Agreement with Attachments

Stryker Side Letter Agreement

OtisMed Civil Settlement Agreement

Charlie Chi

Charlie Chi Information

Charlie Chi Plea Agreement

Government Exhibits from OtisMed Sentencing:

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3 - Video with no audio. Video description: The bones of the diseased preoperative knee joint rotate on the left side of the screen. On the right, a progressive series of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of the same knee are displayed. The MRI images are transformed into a computer-generated three dimensional model of the knee that rotates in the center of the screen. A computer-generated yellow grid is superimposed over the surfaces of the rotating computer model, illustrating the contours of the bone structure. As it rotates, the prosthetic knee implant appears, affixed to the articular surfaces of the bones. The screen then returns to the depiction of the diseased knee, and the OtisKnee cutting guide is affixed to the surface of the femoral condyles. A bone saw is inserted through the cutting guide and cuts through the bone. The guide and cut surface are removed to reveal the prepared femoral surface, following the completion of the femoral cuts. The metallic femoral knee prosthesis is affixed to the femur. The same cutting process is illustrated with regard to the tibia: the OtisKnee cutting guide is placed over the diseased tibial end, the bone saw is inserted through the slot in the cutting guide, removing the articular surface, and the tibial prosthetic implant is placed on the cut surface.

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