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Weed And Seed

Weed and Seed is a U.S. Department of Justice initiative that began in 1991, when pilot sites across the nation were selected to implement the strategy. Among the initial sites selected was our state capital, Trenton, New Jersey.

Operation Weed and Seed is a multi-agency strategy that is designed to "weed out" violent crime, gang activity, drug use, and drug trafficking in targeted high crime neighborhoods and to "seed" the target area by restoring these neighborhoods through social and economic revitalization. The Weed and Seed strategy recognizes the importance of linking and integrating federal, state and local services, the private sector, and community efforts to maximize the impact of existing programs and resources. Residents are empowered to assist in solving problems in their neighborhoods.

At each site, the United States Attorney plays a central role in the Weed and Seed program. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey has helped to establish and maintain nine Weed and Seed sites throughout the district. As of October 2002, the sites are: Atlantic City, Camden (2 sites), Newark, Orange, Pleasantville, Trenton (2 sites) and Vineland. Six other sites are seeking official recognition.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our Office's Weed and Seed program, please contact our LECC/Victim-Witness Program Manager, Shirley Estreicher, who can be reached at (973) 645-2893. For more information on Weed and Seed nationally, please contact the Executive Office for Weed and Seed ("EOWS"), at (202) 616-1152. Their website can be found at

Updated March 18, 2015