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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division enforces federal criminal laws in the District of Oregon. In Portland, Eugene, and Medford, 44 lawyers work with federal law enforcement agencies and local task force officers to investigate and prosecute a wide variety of criminal cases.

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Civil Division

The Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office represents the United States and its departments and agencies at both the trial and appellate levels in civil actions filed in the state and federal courts in the District of Oregon. The activities of the Civil Division include defensive civil litigation, affirmative civil enforcement actions and miscellaneous matters.

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Asset Recovery and Money Laundering Division

The Asset Recovery and Money Laundering Division is separate from the both the civil and criminal divisions in the District of Oregon. Assistant U.S. Attorneys handle civil and criminal forfeiture cases, criminal money laundering prosecutions, oversee the financial litigation program, and initiate affirmative civil enforcement (ACE) actions.

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Administrative Division

The mission of the Administrative Division is to provide consistent and effective administrative services and support to the employees and programs of the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Oregon. The Administrative Division is a non-litigating division whose responsibility is to support the work of the office.

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Updated May 6, 2021