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Citizen Complaints

The United States Attorney's Office fields complaints from members of the public regarding suspected wrongdoing including alleged criminal activity within the Southern District of Florida and beyond.

The United States Attorney's office is primarily dedicated to enforcing federal laws and representing the United States of America in court proceedings as its core mission. The United States Attorney's Office assists federal agencies with a number of investigative functions however the United States Attorneys Office is not a primary investigative agency.

Accordingly, citizen complaints not related to a publically documented matter currently pending in the United States Attorney's office, may be referred directly to the appropriate federal investigating agency(ies) or the complaint may be acknowledged and returned to the filer with suggestions and contact information for the most likely appropriate agency(ies).

If you know of or suspect criminal activity within or affecting the Southern District of Florida which you believe would be of interest to the United States Attorney's Office you can let us know by completing and sending us the Citizen Information Form or you can report via email at:

For your information, we have listed a number of the key federal investigative agencies and a sampling of the types of investigations they conduct. Listed below are samples of common inquiries and contact information for federal, state and local investigative agencies who are likely to be interested in certain types of matters.

Citizen's Complaint Form (PDF) | Citizen Complaint Hotline, (305) 961-9173

Citizen Complaint Email Address:

Updated March 12, 2015

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