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USAO-SDFL Whistleblower Program

     The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida (“USAO-SDFL”) has created a Whistleblower program to encourage early and voluntary self-disclosures of criminal conduct committed and/or known by individual participants in certain non-violent offenses. In exchange for such self-disclosure and cooperation, the USAO-SDFL may enter into a non-prosecution agreement where certain specified conditions are met, including, but not limited to, the condition that the USAO-SDFL or any other state, local, or federal law enforcement agency were not previously aware of the criminal conduct that is the subject of the disclosure. By providing clarity on the requirements and the benefits of such self-disclosure, we seek to incentivize individuals (and their counsel) to provide actionable, accurate, and timely information.  This, we believe, will bring more misconduct to light and help law enforcement protect the communities we serve.

     The Policy can be found here USAO-SDFL Whistleblower Policy.

     To self-disclose pursuant to this policy, please complete the Intake form located here at WBP Reporting Form  and email it to

Updated March 27, 2024