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Job Opportunities within the Southern District of Georgia include:

  • Assistant United States Attorney positions (compensated)
  • Full-time Professional and Paraprofessional Administrative and Support Staff positions (compensated)
  • Part-time Student Clerk positions (compensated)
  • Volunteer Law Clerk positions (uncompensated)
  • Special Assistant United States Attorney positions (uncompensated)
  • Volunteer Undergraduate/Graduate Student Intern positions (uncompensated)

The availability of these positions is based on vacancies occurring throughout the year.  All compensated positions (AUSA and support staff), all uncompensated Volunteer Special Assistant U. S. Attorney positions (SAUSA), and all uncompensated  Volunteer Law Clerk positions are advertised through OPM’s website:    All AUSA, SAUSA, and Volunteer Law Clerk positions are also advertised on the Department of Justice website:

Those interested in Volunteer undergraduate/graduate student intern positions with the Law Enforcement Coordinator should contact Dan Drake, LECC Specialist, at 912.652.4422, for more information.

All selectees are subject to a background security clearance which includes name and fingerprint check, drug testing, credit check, tax check, proof of U.S. citizenship, etc.

Updated May 28, 2015

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