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The Criminal Division investigates and prosecutes federal crimes within the 43 counties that comprise the Southern District of Georgia. Criminal Division attorneys prosecute significant cases, including serious drug offenses, racketeering, public corruption offenses, mail and wire fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, child pornography, immigration violations, firearms violations, counterfeiting and crimes on military reservations such as Fort Stewart and Fort Gordon. A new and important assignment included among the Division's responsibilities is to lead and coordinate the Department of Justice's anti-terrorism effort in southeast Georgia. This anti-terrorism effort is particularly focused on the ports of Savannah and Brunswick where crime interdiction is also a priority.

Appellate Section

The Appellate Section  represents the government in appeals taken by criminal defendants from their convictions and sentences.  The Section writes and reviews appellate briefs and motions, argues before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, consults with Criminal Division AUSAs on complex legal matters, and coordinates with the Department of Justice to ensure the consistency of legal positions taken nationwide.

Asset Forfeiture Section

The Asset Forfeiture Section, Criminal Division, seeks to enforce the laws of the United States using the criminal and civil forfeiture statutes to seize and forfeit assets of those committing federal crimes, separating criminals and their associates from the profits of their illegal activities.

Updated May 5, 2021