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Press Release

Cocaine Dealing Mother Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of Georgia

SAVANNAH GA-  Liberty County resident Timecka Green, 32, was sentenced earlier this week by District Court Judge William T. Moore, Jr. to 10 years in federal prison for her role in a drug trafficking conspiracy that operated in Liberty County and elsewhere.  In May of this year, a federal jury convicted her of conspiracy to make and sell cocaine and crack cocaine, for possessing cocaine and crack cocaine with intent to sell and for making crack cocaine. 

Evidence presented in trial, court hearings, and written documents, painted a grim picture.  On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, T. G. (a 15 year-old child) called her grandmother in New York for help because men were cooking crack cocaine at her Liberty County home and the fumes were making her brothers, sisters, and her own six-month old infant sick.  The defendant, Timecka Green, had left her children alone with other drug dealers, who were cooking crack, so she could engage in a drug deal. 

The grandmother called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.  Upon arrival, detectives captured Laron Bruce, who had over $7000 cash, cocaine, and a scale hidden on his body.  Detectives ultimately searched the home and found it filled with children and drug supplies.  The kids were 15, 13, 8, 5, 2, and 6 months old.  Cocaine, crack, and cooking supplies were found throughout the government subsidized house.  Detectives found a small child’s school uniform pants, covered in cocaine powder, on a table in the living room, next to a razor blade, next to a baby play pen.  In the kitchen, next to baby formula, agents found crack cocaine and powder cocaine.  In total, during the search, agents found over 400 grams of powder cocaine, over 30 grams of crack cocaine, plastic baggies with cocaine residue, glass beakers, multiple scales used to weigh drugs, cutting agents, a whisk, a cocaine press, and other items.

Trial testimony revealed that on over 20 separate occasions, Timecka Green opened the doors of her home to drug dealers so they could cook crack and package it for re-sell.  In exchange, she received cocaine for resale or money.  After her arrest, Timecka Green made phone calls from jail where she stated that if she saw her daughter she would cut her throat.

United States Attorney Edward J. Tarver stated, “Some of the evidence presented during this trial was appalling.  The defendant willfully endangered her grandchild and her own four children in exchange for drugs and money.  During her prosecution, the defendant put her 15 year-old daughter on the witness stand to testify at trial in a deplorable attempt to force her to recant.  We should all grieve for these children, especially the teenage daughter who did the right thing to protect her siblings and her own child.”

Also convicted and sentenced in this successful prosecution were Larron R. Bruce, 35, who received 170 months of incarceration and Willie Nelson Bruce, 55, who received 57 months of incarceration.

This case was investigated by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI.  The cases were prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys E. Greg Gilluly, Jr. and Scarlett S. Nokes.  For additional questions, please contact First Assistant United States Attorney James D. Durham at (912) 201-2547.

Updated August 5, 2016