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Information For Victims In Large Cases

When a federal criminal case reaches the prosecution stage of the criminal justice process, victims are provided with notification services concerning the status of the case. If you are a victim in an ongoing criminal case with our office, please visit the appropriate link for the case below.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

US v. Erie Coke Corporation, et al.

Erie Coke and Plant Superintendent Indicted for Violating the Clean Air Act over Four Years

US v. Ronnell Taylor, et al

Three Charged in Wire Fraud Scheme that Used IRS Impersonators to Defraud U.S. Victims

US v. John Lee

Doctor Charged with Illegally Distributing Opioids, Defrauding Health Care Benefit Programs

US v. Robert Bowers

Pennsylvania Man Charged with Federal Hate Crimes for Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting

US v. Aleksei Sergeyevich Morenets, et al

7 Russian Intelligence Officers indicted for compromising computer networks used by anti-doping and sporting officials and organizations investigating Russia’s use of chemical weapons