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Ukraine: ICITAP Strengthens Police Performance and Accountability Via Hybrid Platform During COVID-19

On August 14, eighteen officers who work as monitoring specialists in the Patrol Police Department in Kharkiv completed a five-day, ICITAP-led course on the Support and Control Unit (SCU). As an example of an innovative solution for implementing remote learning in a COVID-19 world, ICITAP held the training using a hybrid format; the ICITAP advisor delivered content via an online conferencing platform from the country of Georgia, while other ICITAP personnel supported students simultaneously in-person in the classroom in Kharkiv. Video captured from both the classroom and the advisor’s location allowed constant visual contact and real-time interaction between the advisor, students, and in-class support personnel. In the training, officers learned about new, more objective and effective methods for officer evaluation, monitoring, and support that are being implemented in the SCU. Ultimately, the SCU is meant to increase the professionalism of the NPU as a law enforcement institution. ICITAP has already used online platforms for collaborative processes with the NPU, including candidate interviewing and selection, and will continue to explore new ways to harness the convenience, cost savings, and effectiveness of modern approaches to remote training, interviews, and eLearning.

Updated August 11, 2023