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CRM 1-499

105. Prosecuting Gang Activity

Federal prosecutors are increasingly being presented cases investigated by federal agencies involving gang activity. Typically, these cases involve groups of adults as well as juveniles who prey upon others with systematic violence and intimidation. They rob, sexually assault, and even kill their victims. Firearms are carried and used by gang members to commit their crimes. Most often, gangs commit criminal acts for the purposes of using and dealing narcotics, generally cocaine. They will carry out their acts of terrorism to the point of controlling geographical areas of cities. They will publicly display this control by using graffiti to deface property. Gangs will spread their violence through neighborhoods, into schools, and onto playgrounds and parks. Gang activity will range from groups selling drugs on street corners to roving packs who will burglarize homes, assault and rob others, and more frequently killing their victims. Much of gang related violence entails the commission of offenses in violation of federal law.