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Adopted School- Buchanan Elementary School

Beginning this fall, our office has adopted Buchanan Elementary School in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles for this school year and hopefully longer!   

Our plan is to work closely with the K-5 student population and staff to bring much needed resources and fun activities to the school. This will prove a bit challenging in these days of virtual learning, but we have some plans in the works.  Our first endeavor is a reading project we are calling Books for Bobcats where employees, including assistant United States Attorneys Kristen Williams and Catherine Richmond, pictured below, will choose an age-appropriate book and read it on video for inclusion in the Buchanan video library.

We see this as a great opportunity to get out into our community and make a difference in the lives and learning of children in our neighborhoods. We are hoping to expand this project to schools in Santa Ana, Riverside and the North Counties in the near future.


Updated January 20, 2021

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