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Civil Division

Division Overview

The Civil Division is responsible for representing the federal government and its agencies and employees in civil litigation in the District. Civil Division AUSAs represent the United States at both the trial and appellate levels. It is normal practice for the same AUSA to carry a case from investigation through the District Court and on to the Ninth Circuit. The Civil Division is divided into four sections: Complex and Defensive Litigation, Civil Fraud, Civil Rights and Civil Appeals.

The Complex and Defensive Litigation Section defends civil actions brought against the United States, its agencies, and its employees and brings certain affirmative civil actions to protect federal property and enforce federal laws. The Civil Fraud Section investigates and litigates civil False Claims Act cases involving fraud on the United States and civil penalty cases involving a broad variety of government programs. The Civil Rights Section enforces federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination, protect constitutional rights and ensure equal opportunity. The Civil Appeals Section handles appeals involving Civil Division cases.

Division Contact Information

David M. Harris
Chief, Civil Division
Office of the United States Attorney
300 N. Los Angeles Street, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012