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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

National Crime Victims' Rights Week Banner

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week was commemorated this year with various events around the region. Sponsored by the Office for Victims of Crime, the week is designed to raise awareness about victims of crime, victimization in the United States, specific types of crime and crime trends.

As part of this recognition, Acting United States Attorney Sandra Brown, along with AUSA and Chief of the National Security Division Patrick Fitzgerald, Law Enforcement Coordinator David Cons and Victim Witness Specialist Allison Stafford attended the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Memorial event. Held at the San Bernardino County Government Center Rotunda, the day focused on victims of crime and served as a time to celebrate our nation’s progress in serving those victims.

San Bernardino Strong

Fighting for victims is important every day of the year, but this week offered an opportunity to raise awareness in support of victims’ rights and to show victims that we care about their losses and that we realize their pain is something that lasts an eternity. It also reminds us all why we seek justice for victims of crime.

The week was further commemorated in Los Angeles with the “Recognition Walk – Helping Victims Become Survivors” sponsored by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office – Bureau of Victim Services. Law Enforcement Coordinator David Cons, Victim Specialist Allison Stafford and Director of External Affairs Tracy Webb attending the event on behalf of the Office.

Updated January 19, 2021

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