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USAO’s 13th Annual Law Enforcement Awards Presentation

Law Enforcement Awards

On Friday, March 14th, United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. and the Central District of California hosted the 2014 United States Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony at the Ronald F. Deaton Civic Auditorium adjacent to the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department. At this year’s ceremony, the U. S. Attorney’s Office recognized the extraordinary efforts made in the seven counties of the District by more than 250 federal, state and local agents, officers, and investigators who worked on cases in every Division and Branch of the Office. The ceremony opened with the singing of “God Bless America” by Robert Dugdale, the CDCA’s Criminal Division Chief, and USA Birotte and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck delivered welcoming remarks. Both U.S. Attorney Birotte and Chief Beck noted the outstanding relations that exist in the District between federal, state and local law enforcement and pledged to continue those partnerships. Numerous volunteers from the CDCA, led by AUSAs Jennie Wang and Melanie Sartoris on stage, and David Herzog in the control booth, worked behind the scenes to make the ceremony a success.

Updated January 19, 2021

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