Court Documents:

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Please note the court documents below have all been unsealed.

Case Name USAO District # of Defendants Defendant(s) Name Charging Document
U.S. v. Abid Syed, et al. DNJ 6 Abid Syed, Tariq Din, Tauqir Khan, Abdul Rauf, Tamer Mohamed, Nisim Davydov Complaint
U.S. v. Artur Chanchikyan CDCA 1 Artur Chanchikyan Indictment
U.S. v. Perry Frankel EDNY 1 Dr. Perry Frankel Indictment
U.S. v. Ron Elfenbein DMD 1 Dr. Ron Elfenbein Indictment
U.S. v. Elizabeth Hernandez SDFL 1 Elizabeth Hernandez Indictment
U.S. v. Imran Shams & Lourdes Navarro CDCA 2 Imran Shams, Lourdes Navarro Indictment
U.S. v. Jaimi Jansen NDCA 1 Jaimi Jansen Information
U.S. v. Jason Costanza NDCA 1 Jason Costanza Indictment
U.S. v. Jason Lopez SDFL 1 Jason Lopez Indictment
U.S. v. Jason Nielsen NDCA 1 Jason Nielsen Complaint
U.S. v. Lisa Hammell DNJ 1 Lisa Hammell Indictment
U.S. v. Ranna Shamiya NDCA 1 Ranna Shamiya Information
U.S. v. Raymond Vallier WDTN 1 Raymond Vallier Indictment
U.S. v. Robert Van Camp WDWA 1 Robert Van Camp Complaint
U.S. v. Linda Toli D. Utah 1  Linda Toli Information


Updated April 20, 2022

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