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Crypto Enforcement

The MIMF Unit is a national leader in prosecuting fraud and market manipulation involving cryptocurrency. Since 2019, the Unit has charged cryptocurrency fraud cases involving over $2 billion in intended financial losses to investors from around the world. Prosecutors use blockchain data analytics and traditional law enforcement techniques to identify and prosecute complex cryptocurrency investment schemes; price and market manipulation involving cryptocurrencies; unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges involved in fraud schemes; and insider trading schemes affecting cryptocurrency markets. Prosecutors in the Unit frequently work in parallel with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

2022 MIMF Unit Crypto Fraud National Enforcement Action

Crypto Enforcement Action 1

2022 MIMF Unit Crypto Fraud Enforcement Results

Crypto Enforcement Action 2

Sample Cases:

Mining Capital Coin
My Big Coin
Titanium Blockchain
Baller Ape Club
Circle Society

Updated August 11, 2023