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Office of Enforcement Operations (OEO)

Office of Enforcement Operations

About the Office

The Office of Enforcement Operations (OEO) oversees the use of the most sophisticated investigative tools at the Department's disposal. It reviews all federal electronic surveillance requests and requests to apply for court orders permitting the use of video surveillance; provides legal advice to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on the use of federal electronic surveillance statutes; and assists in developing Department policy on emerging technologies and telecommunications issues. It authorizes or denies the entry of all applicants into the federal Witness Security Program (WSP), coordinates and administers matters relating to all aspects of the WSP among all Program components, and approves or denies requests by federal agencies to utilize federal prisoners for investigative purposes. The Office approves or reviews matters such as witness immunity requests, attorney and press subpoenas, applications for S Visa status and disclosure of grand jury information. It provides legal advice and assistance in a wide variety of matters, such as crimes affecting government operations, mental competency and insanity, and interstate property crimes. The Office processes all requests for Criminal Division records made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act, and assists U.S. Attorneys' Offices in advocating the Division's position in civil litigation filed under these statutes. It registers entities as required by the Gambling Devices Act of 1962.


Ashley Dugger
Acting Director, Office Of Enforcement Operations


OEO Direct Line

Gambling Device Registration Support
Email Gambling Registration (preferred)