Sexual Orientation

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Sexual Orientation

CRS works with communities to prevent and respond to alleged hate crimes based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. Some ways CRS supports these communities are:

  • Assisting law enforcement agencies, service agencies, and city officials to develop policies, best practices, and trainings to strengthen relationships with gay, lesbian, and bisexual community members
  • Bringing together community leaders, law enforcement professionals, city officials, and civil rights organizations after hate crimes are committed on the basis of sexual orientation to discuss community tension and how to best prevent and respond to future incidents
  • Facilitating programs in schools, universities, and other educational institutions to prevent and respond to incidents of bullying and hate crimes committed against gay, lesbian, and bisexual students

Below are some recent examples of CRS's work assisting communities experiencing tension and conflict based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. Additional case summaries may be found within CRS’s Annual Reports, located on the CRS Resource Center webpage.

Case Highlights

Updated December 20, 2022

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