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Welcome to the EOIR Forms page. Here you will find most of the forms required for filing with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the Immigration Courts, or the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO).

The BIA issued the Board of Immigration Appeals Practice Manual which provides basic information to persons involved in proceedings before the Board. Forms are discussed in Chapter 12 (PDF) of the BIA Practice Manual.

Additionally, the Immigration Court Practice Manual provides uniform procedures, recommendations, and requirements for persons who present cases before the immigration courts. Forms are discussed in Chapter 11 (PDF) of the Immigration Court Practice Manual.

Obtaining EOIR Forms

To obtain a specific form, download it directly from the forms download listing. Please pay close attention to the instructions page for each form.

Format Required for Downloading EOIR Forms

EOIR provides its forms in Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows you to print an exact copy of the form by using any graphics printer (i.e., laser, inkjet, or plotter). To read and print an EOIR form, however, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer. Adobe Systems, Inc., offers this software free of charge to the public.

For some EOIR forms, you can use the computer to fill in the information while the form is on the screen and then print it out. All forms may be printed on plain paper, and the requested information completed by either typing or printing neatly. With the exception of the EOIR-30, you cannot save an electronic version of a form completed on-screen and you cannot submit forms on-line. EOIR has no capability at this time to receive forms electronically (with the exception of the EOIR-30), although we hope to offer an electronic filing service in the future.

Instructions for Filing Forms Requiring Fees

You must submit the required filing fee, or an Appeal Fee Waiver Request (EOIR-26A) to the BIA when filing:

  • an appeal with the BIA (except a bond appeal);
  • a motion to reopen (that is not based exclusively on asylum); or,
  • a motion to reconsider.

NOTE: There is no official form for motions filed before an immigration judge or the BIA. DO NOT use the Notice of Appeal (EOIR-26) for motions.

(See Section 3.4 of the BIA Practice Manual for more specific instructions.)

Retrieving Forms and Instructions

  • Select a form by number and title from our listing of forms.
  • The links on the forms listing will guide you to an instructions page (where applicable) for that specific form. Please pay close attention to the instructions page for each form.
  • The actual forms directly follow the instructions page.

USCIS forms and their associated fees can be obtained from the following forms page on the USCIS website.

Updated June 9, 2016

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