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970. Drafting a Mail Fraud and/or Wire Fraud Indictment

The Criminal Division has published a collection of indictment forms, Drafting Indictments most recently updated in March, 1995. These forms can be conveniently accessed and saved as word processing documents using USABook:

  • Mail Fraud

  • Mail Fraud Scheme/Artifice

  • Mail Fraud Scheme/Artifice to Obtain Money or Property

  • Mail Fraud Scheme/Artifice to Sell, Etc., a Counterfeit, Etc., Coin, Etc.

  • Fraud by Wire, Radio or Television Scheme/Artifice to Defraud

  • Fraud by Wire, Radio or Television Scheme/Artifice to for Obtaining Money or Property

[cited in JM 9-43.100]

Updated September 19, 2018