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Equal Employment Opportunity Staff

DOJ Building Relief saying Law Alone Can Give Us Freedom


The Equal Employment Opportunity Staff (EEOS) is responsible for developing policy, methods, and procedures for implementing a model EEO program that complies with established Departmental policies, Government-wide EEO statutes and regulations, and EEO-related Presidential Executive Order.  EEOS provides advice, technical assistance, and support to management officials and bureau EEO personnel, and also works closely with Human Resources and diversity and inclusion officials to support equal employment opportunity for all, and to provide a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.   Additionally, EEOS maintains the integrity of EEO programs by monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of all DOJ Component EEO programs, and compliance with established Departmental EEO policy and procedures.

An overview of the Department's EEO Program is provided in Part 4 of the Department's Human Resources Order. This section of the order contains detailed information outlining program responsibilities and requirements within the Offices, Boards and Divisions, as well as the Bureaus within the Department.

Department of Justice Equal Employment Opportunity Framework, 2023-2026



Updated October 18, 2023