Letters Submitted to Congress Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 530D

1979 to 2008

2009 to Present

Date Topic Case Number
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
4/24/2009 Witt v. Department of the Air Force 527 F.3d 806 9th Cir.
5/8/2009 Doe v. Holder 549 F.3d 861 2d Cir.
8/26/2009 Constitutionality of Certificates of Non-Existence of Records, 8 U.S.C. § 1360(d)    
11/17/2009 United States v. Lori Drew 08-582 C.D. Cal.
11/17/2009 United States v. Robert Solomon 09-04024 N.D. Iowa
12/16/2009 EMILY's List v. FEC 08-5422 D.C. Cir.
2/18/2010 Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc. v. U.S. Dep't of Treasury 07-1155 D. Ore.
3/3/2010 Boardley v. U.S. Dep't of the Interior 07-1986 D.D.C.
6/16/2010 SpeechNow.org v. FEC 08-5223; 09-5342 D.C. Cir.
9/24/2010 Pepper v. United States 09-6822 S. Ct.
11/5/2010 Boardley v. U.S. Dep't of the Interior 09-5176 D.C. Cir.
2/23/2011 Defense of Marriage Act    
3/21/2011 M.B.Z., By His Parents and Guardians Ari Z. Zivotofsky, et ux. v. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State 10-699 S. Ct.
5/16/2011 United States v. Lucio Ramirez 10-12785; 10-13249 11th Cir.
6/22/2011 United States v. Prather 69 M.J. 338 C.A.A.F.
7/13/2011 United States v. Scott A. Holencik 10-00017 C.D. Cal.
7/21/2011 United States v. James Mathurin 09-21075 S.D. Fla.
11/15/2011 United States v. Luis Mario Barajas-Alvarado 10-50134 9th Cir.
1/19/2012 In re Bellingham 11-35162 9th Cir.
2/17/2012 McLaughlin v. Panetta 11-11905 D. Mass.
2/24/2012 Information on Defense of Marriage Act Litigation    
3/7/2012 United States v. William L. Cassidy 11-91 D. Md.
4/27/2012 United States v. Zhen Zhou Wu, et al. 08:10386 D. Mass.
6/19/2012 Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc. v. U.S. Dep't of Treasury 10-35032 9th Cir.
1/11/2013 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, Inc. v. Copyright Royalty Board 684 F.3d 1332 D.C. Cir.
3/15/2013 R.J. Reynolds v. Food & Drug Administration 11-5332 D.C. Cir.
6/12/2013 United States v. Yimmi Bellaizac-Hurtado et al 11-14049; 11-14227; 11-14310; 11-14311; 700 F.3d 1245 11th Cir.
9/27/2013 Free Speech Coalition v. Holder 09-4607 E.D. Pa.
10/22/2013 Cooper-Harris, et al. v. United States 2:12-00887 C.D. Cal.
7/2/2012 Red Earth LLC et al. v. United States of America et al 10-3165-CV, 10-3191-CV, 10-3213-CV, 657 F.3d 138 2nd Cir.
10/29/2013 Beer, et al. v. United States; Gettleman v. United States 09-37; 11-464 Fed. Cir.
12/4/2013 Barker et al. v. United States 12-826C Fed. Cir.
12/4/2014 Ayman Latif et al. v. Eric H. Holder, Jr., et. al 10-750 D. Or.
3/4/2016 National Association of Manufacturers v. Securities and Exchange Commission 800 F.3d 518 D.C. Cir.
5/31/2016 Helman v. Department of Veterans Affairs No. 15-3086 Fed. Cir.
6/21/2016 United States v. Raul Vivas-Ceja 808 F.3d 716 7th Cir.
6/27/2016 United States v. Pawlak No. 15-3566 6th Cir.
9/8/2016 United States v. Jimenez   N.D. Cal.
9/26/2016 Pursuing America's Greatness v. Federal Election Commission --- F. 3d ---, 2016 WL 4087943 D.C. Cir.
10/24/2016 Free Speech Coalition Inc. v. Attorney General 825 F.3d 149 3rd Cir.
11/21/2016 Wolf v. Oakland University Board of Trustees et al. No. 2:15-cv-13560 E.D. Mich.
12/2/2016 United States v. Beecroft 825 F.3d 991 9th Cir.
2/1/2017 Association of American Railroads v. Department of Transportation 821 F.3d 19 D.C. Cir.
2/3/2017 United States v. Robert Cardena et al. 842 F.3d 959 7th Cir.

Constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's for-cause removal provision, 12 U.S.C. § 5491(c)(3)

No. 15-1177 D.C. Cir.
5/5/2017 ​ TC Reiner v. Saginaw Valley State University, et al. No. 2:16-cv-11728

E.D. Mich.

10/31/2017 ​ ​ United States v. James Marvin Reed No. 15-188 D.C. Cir.
11/27/2017 ​ ​ Keyes v. Sessions No. 15-cv-457, 2017 WL 4552531 M.D. Pa.
11/30/2017 Raymond J. Lucia et al. v. Securities and Exchange Commission No. 17-130 S. Ct.
12/15/2017 ​​ United States v. Slatten 865 F.3d 767 D.C. Cir.
2/16/2018 NJ Work Environment Council v. State Emergency Response Commission No. 17-cv-2916 D.N.J.
6/7/2018 Texas v. United States No. 4:18-cv-00167-0 N.D. Tex.
8/6/2018 March for Life v. Burwell 128 F. Supp. 3d 116 (D.D.C. 2015) D.C. Cir
2/12/2019 Hechavarria v. Sessions No. 15-cv-1058, 2018 WL 5776421 W.D.N.Y.
2/12/2019 Destine v. Doll No. 17-cv-1340, 2018 WL 3584695 M.D. Pa.
2/12/2019 Sajous v. Decker No. 18-cv-244, 2018 WL 2357266


4/10/2019  United States v. Jumana Nagarwala et al. No. 17-cr-20274 E.D. Mich.
4/10/2019 Miller v. Barr No. 2:17-cv-2627 E.D. Pa.
4/10/2019 United States v. Solis 915 F.3d 1172 8th Cir.
4/12/2019 Tiwari v. Shanahan No. 17-cv-242

W.D. Wash.

8/1/2019 United States v. Villarreal Silva No. 18-4652 4th Cir.
2/25/2020 United States v. Rudolfo Gonzalez-Fierro No. 18-2168 10th Cir.
6/1/2020 Jose Francisco Tineo v. Attorney General No. 16-1461 3rd Cir.

Henry Wainwright v. United States​; Attachment 1​; ​ Attachment 2

No. 19-cv-62364 11th Cir.
10/30/2020 ​​ ​​​​ Zukerman v. United States Postal Service​; Attachment 961 F.3d 431 D.C. Cir.
2/18/2021 United States v. Miselis​; ​Attachment 972 F.3d 518 4th Cir.
2/18/2021 Morris v. Pompeo​; ​ Attachment ___F. Supp. 3d___,        No. 19-cv-569 D. Nev. 2020
3/1/2021 United States v. Wayda​; ​ Attachment No. 20-hc-2180 E.D.N.C.
3/10/2021 Free Speech Coalition v. Attorney General 974 F.3d 408 3rd Cir.

Constitutionality of the Social Security Administration's for-cause removal provision, 42 U.S.C. 902(a)(3)

9/22/2021 United States v. RundoAttachment 990 F.3d 709, No 19-50189 9th Cir.
10/13/2021 Ely v. Commissioner of Social Security AdministrationAttachment

No. 18-cv-557 

D. Ariz.
10/13/2021 Driggs v. Commissioner of Social Security AdministrationAttachment No. 28-cv-3915 D. Ariz.
10/13/2021 Schmoll v. Commissioner of Social Security AdministrationAttachment No. 19-cv-4542  N.D. Cal.
10/13/2021 Thornton v. Commissioner of Social Security AdministrationAttachment 1Attachment 2 No. 18-cv-1409 

W.D. Wash.

12/20/2021 City and County of San Francisco v. GarlandAttachment No. 18-cv-5146  C.D. Cal.
12/20/2021 State of California v. GarlandAttachment No. 18-cv-5146 C.D. Cal.
12/20/2021 State of Oregon v. BidenAttachment No. 18-cv-1959 D. Or.
12/20/2021 City of Los Angeles v. GarlandAttachment No. 18-cv-7347 C.D. Cal.
6/6/2022 Harrison v. Austin; Roe v. Austin; Attachments Nos. 18-cv-641, 18-cv-1565 E.D. Va.
10/13/2022 Trafigura Trading LLC v. United States 29 F.4th 286 5th Cir.
11/1/2022 Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987 ("ATA"), Pub. L. No. 100-204, tit. X, 101 Stat. 1331, 1406(1987), codified at 22 U.S.C. §§ 5201-5203, in cases where enforcement would impermissibly impinge upon the President's exclusive Article II authorities    

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