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Where do I go?

We are located in the James M. Fitzgerald U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building at 222 W. 7th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99513

Your subpoena will indicate what courtroom and when the proceedings will take place. However, as the court date approaches, you will be contacted by the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Victim-Witness Coordinator, case agent, or other support staff and provided with information on the exact location, date and time you will be needed.

Please check to verify that your attendance is required. Call the AUSA or support staff person assigned to your case the WORK DAY BEFORE you leave your residence to attend court. Court dates can be postponed or cancelled at very short notice, and verifying your attendance may prevent a wasted trip.

Where can I park?

Visitor parking is available across "C" street to the west of the Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse.

Please note visitor parking spaces are limited.  There are parking garages located nearby. You will be reimbursed for this expense as long as you turn in a receipt.

There is also short term metered parking on the streets around the courthouse. However, we recommend you park in a parking lot or parking garage, as we will not reimburse you for any parking tickets you may receive.

Anchorage PeopleMover bus service is available on "C" street to the west of the Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, and one block north on 6th Avenue.

Is there security?

There are 100% ID checks to enter the federal building.  All visitors must show a current and valid photo ID issued by a State or Federal agency

What type of screening is there?

All visitors are required to walk through a magnetometer and all bags, briefcases, purses, parcels, and electronic devices will be screened by an x-ray machine.

If you set off the magnetometer as you walk through it, you may be asked to remove your belt, watch, or jewelry. 

Prohibited items include firearm, explosive materials, drug paraphernalia, knives (greater than 2.5 inches), narcotics, other items deemed dangerous, illegal, or hazardous.

There is additional security required prior to entering the courtrooms

Can I bring my cellphone or other electronic device?

You can bring cellphones and other electronic devices such as tablets, Ipads, etc. with you to the courthouse. 

If you bring them with you into the courtroom, they MUST BE ON SILENT OR TURNED OFF.

Inside the courtroom, the taking of pictures or videos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND ENFORCED

How long will I be in court?

It is impossible to predict how long witnesses will need to be at the courthouse, or exactly how long particular testimony may take. The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case will try and give you a general idea of how long you may be on the stand.

We will try to minimize the total time you are needed at court, but it is important you arrange your schedule to allow maximum flexibility. You may have to wait several hours or more for your turn to testify, and unexpected events can delay court proceedings.

You may want to bring reading materials, or something else to occupy your time, while you wait to testify.

Please take the uncertainty on how long you will be at the courthouse into consideration when it comes to any needed medications

What should I do if I have children who need care while I am gone?

Try to find a relative, friend or neighbor to care for your children. You should make sure that he/she has a flexible schedule, as your testimony may take longer than expected.

The courthouse does not have child care facilities, and is not an appropriate place for young children. If you are having difficulties securing child care, please contact the victim-witness staff for assistance.

Is food available at the courthouse?

The courthouse has a cafe on the first floor of the building however it is currently non-operational. There is a coffee shop with a variety of beverages and snacks.  There are also several restaurants located within walking distance from the courthouses.  With permission of the court staff, food and drink may be allowed in the witness room, but food is NOT allowed in the courtroom.

Where are the bathrooms?

There are bathrooms located on each floor of the courthouse.

Is there anything else I should know?

We suggest you bring a sweater or jacket, even in summer, as the courtrooms are frequently cool.


Updated March 12, 2019

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