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National Security Section

Gregg Maisel, Chief
Tom Gillice, Deputy Chief
Jocelyn Ballantine, Deputy Chief

The mission of the National Security Section (“NSS") is to investigate and prosecute criminal activity that threatens our nation's security. The types of matters that NSS handles include: (1) international terrorism, (2) domestic terrorism, (3) espionage, (4) export control and sanctions violations, (5) malign foreign influence, (6) economic espionage, (7) unauthorized retention or disclosure of classified national defense information, (8) cyber offenses targeted at the U.S. government or critical infrastructure and/or perpetrated by those connected to state actors or terrorist organizations, and (9) transnational repression.  The Section's Threat Finance Unit works closely with law enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and various regulators to use all tools – including criminal prosecutions, criminal forfeiture, civil forfeiture, economic sanctions, and trade sanctions – to seize, forfeit, and disrupt funds and assets supporting sanctioned regimes, terrorists, and other individuals and groups that pose a threat to our national security.

NSS also has primary responsibility in the U.S. Attorney's Office for crisis response and management.  The Section's focus on national security cases enables it to dedicate the efforts of experienced prosecutors to matters that the Department of Justice has designated as a top national priority and underscores our Office's commitment to give these cases the highest level of attention.  NSS prosecutors carry appropriate national security clearances.

AUSAs in NSS work closely with many federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Commerce.  NSS also coordinates its efforts with the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, various U.S. Embassies overseas, and our foreign counterparts in law enforcement and prosecution.  NSS attorneys typically work on matters in coordination with attorneys from the Department of Justice's National Security Division and attorneys from the Department's Office of International Affairs. ​

Updated October 4, 2023