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Community Prosecution

For years, experts in law enforcement have recognized the benefits of "community policing" in reducing the incidence of crime and improving the quality of life for residents. Community Prosecution, as an approach to law enforcement, has several similar objectives: to implement a proactive, problem-solving approach to crime; to create new and lasting partnerships with the community in order to improve quality of life; to improve the Office's relationship and partnership with law enforcement and public and private agencies; and, as a result of these new partnerships, to enhance the Office prosecutorial function. Prosecutors have recognized the important position their Office can have in complementing police partnerships with the community in order to better address the needs of the community.

Throughout the U.S. Attorney's Office, Community Prosecution brings together geographically organized teams of Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs), Community Outreach Specialists and other support personnel who share responsibility for the prosecution of crimes committed within each of the seven MPD Districts. Senior AUSAs are assigned to each of the MPD Districts and share responsibility for screening all cases that arise within that District. Senior AUSAs are present at the police district stations on a regular basis and assist police with investigations, warrant preparation, and roll call training. They also attend community meetings and handle quality of life issues that arise within their particular Districts. In addition, AUSAs in other sections within the Office, including Homicide, Sex/Domestic Violence, Felony Major Crimes, and General Crimes are assigned to specific MPD Districts and are part of extended District teams. The familiarity of each team with its District make the members better able to gather intelligence and determine the persons responsible for crimes in that area. Teams also connect with the community within their assigned area in order to stay abreast of the problems occurring there and to better address concerns of the citizens.

Faith-based Initiative

The United States Attorney's Office Faith-Based Initiative is part of the overall outreach vision and was created to work with faith leaders to reach a common goal -- improving public safety and the quality of life for all residents of the District. Through the faith-based initiative, we aim to strengthen existing relationships, create new partnerships, and lay the foundation necessary to work with the faith-based community to combat violence while identifying and addressing pressing community concerns through a series of town-hall meetings, effective educational programs, seminars, workshops, and community involvement.

USAO Special Outreach Events

Throughout the year the U.S. Attorney’s Office hosts special outreach Events for the community to strengthen partnerships and build Community relationships.  A Stomp out Violence and Step Towards Success step show was sponsored by USAO during the Barry Farms Goodman League Basketball Game this Summer.  The U.S. Attorney Spoke about the importance of education and building leadership in the community. Another program was a film viewing on the history of Barry Farms for Community residents in August 2010.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office continuously Plans and hosts special outreach initiatives in the community.

USAO In Your Community

Community Prosecutors and Community Outreach Specialists are dedicated to working with residents to improve the quality of life for all the residents of the District of Columbia. Through our community outreach efforts, the US Attorney's Office has successfully established an ongoing dialogue with the community, enabling our office to better address the public safety concerns of those we serve while enhancing community trust.

The Metropolitan Police Department maintains a calendar of regularly-scheduled community meetings and events for each police district. Residents should note that scheduled meetings can often change location or dates, so please contact your Community Outreach Specialist, listed above or MPD to confirm the time and place.

Current Events


Community Meetings

Last year, our prosecutors and staff attended well over 900 community meetings, community festivals, health fairs, job fairs, public safety workshops and numerous other events. Please see the right column of this page for meetings in your community.

The Court Report

The Court Reports discuss crimes that have occurred in your neighborhood, lists the names and locations of all persons arrested and charged and provide updates on criminal convictions.

Updated June 3, 2019