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Meet the U.S. Attorney

Patrick C. Harris

Patrick C. Harris, Acting United States Attorney

Patrick C. Harris, whose distinguished career with the U.S. Attorney’s Office has spanned the past 31 years, assumed leadership of the office as Acting United States Attorney on March 11, 2017. A past recipient of two DOJ Director’s Award for Superior Performance as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mr. Harris served as the First Assistant U. S. Attorney from 2013 until 2017, and as Criminal Chief from 2009 until 2013. Mr. Harris attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and graduated from Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1985. Mr. Harris has taught trial advocacy courses at the Bowen School of Law as an adjunct law professor since 2002.


During his career at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mr. Harris has prosecuted many high profile cases including a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) case, a murder for hire, two murder cases in which the bodies were never found, and a grand juror and a probation officer for accepting bribes. In addition, Mr. Harris was appointed a Special Attorney prosecuting recusal cases involving corruption in the Northern District of Oklahoma and the Western District of Tennessee. Mr. Harris was also an OCDETF AUSA prosecuting numerous drug conspiracy cases involving court authorized wiretaps, including one case with 53 defendants and another case involving the attempted murder of a cooperating witness.


United States Attorney Listing of District of Arkansas and Eastern District of Arkansas

District of Arkansas

Samuel C. Roane 1820-1836
Thomas I. Lacey 1836
Grandison D. Royston 1836
Samuel S. Hall 1836-1838
William C. Scott 1838-1841
Absalom Fowler 1841-1843
Grandison D. Royston 1843-1844
Samuel H. Hempstead 1844-1850
Absalom Fowler 1850


Eastern District of Arkansas

Joseph Stillwell 1852 Fred A. Isrig 1934-1939
James W. McConaughey 1853-1854 Samuel Rorex 1939-1946
Lafayette B. Luckie 1856 James T. Gooch 1946-1953
John C. Murray 1856 Osro Cobb 1953-1962
Read Fletcher 1856-1857 Robert D. Smith, Jr. 1962-1967
Charles A. Carroll 1857 Woodrow H. McClellan 1967-1968
John M. Harrell 1857-1858 Wilbur H. Dillahunty 1968-1979
Charles E. Jordan 1861 George W. Proctor 1979-1987
S. R. Harrington 1871-1876 Kenneth H. Stoll 1987
Charles C. Waters 1876-1885 Charles A. Banks 1987-1993
Joseph W. House 1885-1889 Richard M. Pence, Jr. 1993
Charles C. Waters 1889-1893 Paula Jean Casey 1993-2000
Joseph W. House 1893-1897 Michael D. Johnson 2001
Jacob Trieber 1897-1900 H. E. (Bud) Cummins 2001-2006
William G. Whipple 1900-1913 J. Timothy Griffin 2006-2007
William H. Martin 1913-1919 Jane W. Duke 2007-2010
June P. Wooten 1919-1922 Christopher R. Thyer 2010-2017
Wallace Townsend 1930-1934 Patrick C. Harris 2017-Present


Updated March 24, 2017