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Civil Division

David Shelledy, Chief

Affirmative Civil Litigation Unit

Kelli L. Taylor, Chief

Affirmative Civil Enforcement Unit
The Affirmative Civil Enforcement Unit enforces federal law and recovers debts, damages and penalties for the United States in a wide variety of contexts.  Enforcement actions include health care fraud, procurement fraud, and grant fraud; “qui tam” whistle-blower cases; tort actions to recover the cost of suppressing fires on national park or national forest land, compensate for destruction of public resources, and pay the cost of restoring the land; fair housing, disability rights, and other civil rights enforcement; and Controlled Substances Act violations.

Asset Forfeiture Unit
The Asset Forfeiture Unit is responsible for civil and criminal forfeiture of the assets used in, generated by, or facilitating criminal activity. Asset Forfeiture Unit attorneys institute civil actions to obtain forfeiture of those assets and assist other federal prosecutors in obtaining forfeiture as part of criminal enforcement actions.

Financial Litigation Unit
The primary function of the FLU is to litigate and enforce the collection of criminal and civil debts owed to the United States, including judgments, fines, restitution and penalties.

Defense Litigation Unit

Edward A. Olsen, Chief

This unit defends the United States, federal agencies and federal employees in all manner of lawsuits, including employment discrimination actions; motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury suits; medical malpractice actions; Administrative Procedure Act cases; challenges to land management decisions under the National Environmental Policy Act; defense of Social Security, Medicare, and other federal programs; and “Bivens” civil rights actions.  In addition, the unit prosecutes eminent domain actions when litigation is required to acquire property for public benefit.

Updated March 21, 2019

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