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Hate Crimes Task Forces

Greater Sacramento Area Hate Crimes Task Force

Task Force Coordinator:
Sean Vassar-Community Outreach Specialist


Since its inception in 1994, the Greater Sacramento Area Hate Crimes Task Force has brought a diverse group of community leaders together with federal, state and local law enforcement officials to form a united front in our District’s effort to combat hate crimes. The Task Force was formed following a string of hate-related fire bombings in Sacramento, and now meets bi-annually to update members on current prosecutions and investigations, as well as to provide a forum for dialogue between community members and law enforcement personnel. 

Individuals interested in joining the Task Force should contact Task Force Coordinator Sean Vassar at: (916) 554-2907.

Central Valley Hate Crimes Working Group

Law Enforcement Chair:
AUSA Chris Baker


Building on the success of the Greater Sacramento Area Hate Crimes Task Force, the Central Valley Hate Crimes Task Force was initially established in 1998 and is currently being revitalized.  The key objectives of the Hate Crimes Task Force are: (1) to facilitate coordination by local, state and federal investigators and prosecutors; (2) to provide a forum for community organizations and private citizens to collaborate with law enforcement in response to the hate crime problem and to provide input to law enforcement representatives about the hate crime problem; (3) to sponsor and participate in educational and other community outreach programs designed to address some of the root causes which give rise to the commission of hate crimes; and (4) to ensure that victims of hate crimes receive special counseling and related services.

Updated October 11, 2016