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"Being a part of the Department of Justice is a great honor. In the office of the United States Attorney, every one plays an important and vital role in enforcing our Nation’s laws and carrying out the priorities of the Department of Justice. Here, we always have the ability to do the right thing.

It is an enormous opportunity to be able to represent the United States, the Department of Justice and the Attorney General in matters that take place in the Eastern District of Kentucky. Many employees in this office are career civil servants and part of a team of dedicated legal and administrative professionals.

Our communities are filled with wonderful people and our office is committed to working with local, state and federal law enforcement to ensure their safety, and the safety of generations to come. As part of the United States Attorney’s Office, you could have the ability to impact not only our district, but our entire state and nation."

Summer Law Interns - Deadline for applications is 02/15/2019

Ft. Mitchell, KY. Office

Lexington, KY. Office

London, KY. Office













Support positions are advertised and may be applied for through

DOJ Attorney Positions Available

All DOJ Positions Available at USAJOBS

Appointment is subject to back ground investigation, including credit, arrest, reference, and drug use inquiries. U.S. Citizenship is required.

Updated January 29, 2019

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